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BIANCHI, MAURIZIO & TH26 - Arkaeo Planum

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Small Voices SVR06018
Release Year: 2006
Note: cardboard / gatefold-cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.50

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Dunkle, sprde, klinisch-khle Elektronik, effektierte Pianosounds; die erste Zusammenarbeit von M.B. mit TH26, inklusive der Stimme des krzlich verstorbenen ROBERT ANTON WILSON !!

"After the "A M.B. Iehn Tale" release (CD - SmallVoices 2005) for the first time Maurizio Bianchi meets TH26, historical Italian project in dark electronics. After their first official release ("La Haine" CD - SmallVoices 2002) they are now back with this amazing cooperation. For this release TH26 leaves their usual rhythmical attitude, in perfect symbiosis with Maurizio Bianchi, the "father" of Italian industrial music. This work presents deep obscure minimal soundscapes, moving in the fields of dark ambient music. Arkaeo Planum is a long deep 5 tracks trip through 5 interlinked themes (Aereo, Arkaeo, Audio, Caro e TerraPlanum) togheter with a single special track titled MB Sorrow (dedicated to Maurizio Bianchi) as final sadly sequence of melting melody. Sound textures with piano incursions and samples, properly treated by M.B., involved in a magmatic and dark isolationist sonority, made by Th26." [label description]
"Antique phagocytic cells in a profound knowledge of changing habits, electromagnetic science and moribund identities, enter in contact with vertebrate contemporary abstractions. It's the unequivocal and consecrating action of the foetal twenty-first century servant, a laborious period of the cement bloodstream museums where archaic purposes have gathered together a stimulating selection of "planum" relationship. The compressed and specific hormonal aim of this provocative work, "Arkaeo Planum", is to illuminate the entire febrile dream of some unscrupulous sadness; a constant affection of soared talents in this synthetic journey to penalize the closed culture nightmare. The question asked is: are we intentionally communicating or developping some unique opportunities? The transformation process is facilitating the indecent massive infrastructures of the industrial soundscapes, nearly the neutronic unimaginable..." (Maurizio Bianchi)