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RAINEY, BHOB & RALF WEHOWSKY - I don't think I can see you tonight

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Sedimental SEDCD047
Release Year: 2006
Note: back in stock this stunning collaboration of RLW with US American sax-player, improviser and composer, a true mail-art project that was 5 years in the making, dynamic and subliminal and only for concentrated minds... "the music is wild, ruptured, assymetrical and WAY INTENSE. Tendrils of possible outcomes camoflage trap doors and the saturated memories of an unclean conscience...." lim. 500
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Schon lange nicht mehr hat man RALF WEHOWSKY (aka RLW) so hchst verzckt abstrakt, sphrisch & drhnminimalistisch erlebt. Seine Collab. mit BOB RAINEY lebt von sirrenden, flirrenden, kurz unbeschreiblichen Soundeffekten, die in eine Drone-Gest gewebt werden, dass es eine reine Freude fr den brachliegenden Geist ist. Mitunter werden field recordings und benutzte Instrumente erkennbar..
Daneben gibt es eine Flle von auch sehr konkreten Geruschen, Wendungen, cut-ups, etc.. hier kann man sich nicht einlullen lassen, diese 3 Kompositionen erfordern (& erzeugen?) hchste Bewusstheit und Konzentration!

"The Bhob Rainey/Ralf Wehowsky collaboration overcame many gruelling attempts, musical dead-ends and a five full years to realize its outcome and man, was it worth the wait! Both artists sit firmly in their unique and highly regarded (and earned) musical positions these days and are both truly fearless in attempting and pursuing new musical activities for themselves. Here are three powerful, often hair-raisingly intense pieces that allow no room for complacency on the part of the listener.... at all. Here is what Dan Warburton says in the newly posted February issue of Paris Transatlantic: 'Listen to how the title track emerges slowly from a shell into which fragments of recognizable noises are being sucked as backwards sound files, taking nearly seven minutes to reach the open air, where distant sounds of children at play, footsteps and tiny smears of saxophone multiphonics and all manner of sonic building blocks both recognizable and tantalizingly inscrutable are gradually brought together to construct the musical equivalent of a Gothic cathedral... from where I'm sitting this is one of the most important works of electronic music (or musique concrete, if you prefer) to appear this decade.'" [label info]