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KREJCI, DAVID - The Cleophone

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: New American Folk Hero Recordings NAFH-15
Release Year: 2006
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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DAVID KREJCI ist ein US-amerikanischer Sound-Artist, der ein "Drone-Instrument" namens "The Cleophone" gebaut hat. Es besteht aus 12 Piano-Saiten die ber einen Holzkorpus gespannt werden, wobei jede Saiten mit eigenem Pickup reguliert werden kann. Das Cleophone lsst sich mit verschiedenen Utensilien bespielen, es knnen auch rhythmische Muster entstehen. Hier verewigt wurde eine 33mintige ,virtuos-improvisatorische Session ohne sptere overdubs oder Effekte ; der Klang ist dronig und dynamisch, reich an Obertnen & Vibrato, leicht verzerrt & stereo-phasig aufgeteilt. For Drone / Minimal-Fans!

"Dave Krejci's earliest memory of music is that of trailing his mother while she vacuumed. Krejci would hum along with the vacuum's drone sliding in and out of pitch to create vibrations in his chest. This attraction to the visceral and hypnotic characteristics of sound has fed Krejci's fire for more than 25 years. His adulthood obsession with organs, Leslies, the Cleophone and pianos is nothing more than an adult extension of his vacuum-chasing days. Krejci grew out of Austin, Minnesota, a small hog-slaughtering town curiously full of musicians. "Classically trained" on the piano, Krejci spent the majority of his musical time writing his own compositions and playing piano in bands. In 1987, Krejci escaped the miserable town and fled to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota. In the late 1980s and early 90s, Krejci played Hammond organ for TwinTone/Prospective recording artist GREEN MACHINE, a psychedelic trio that produced several full-length CDs and 45RPMs. In the Spring of 2005, built the CLEOPHONE, an electronic stringed instrument built out of heavy piano strings, Rhodes electromagnetic pick-ups and a microphonic copper stand. The instrument is played through two Leslie Speakers and manipulated with piano hammers, bows, sticks, bones, brushes and ball-bearings." [label description]