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ZANANA - Holding Patterns

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Deep Listening DL-30-2005
Release Year: 2005
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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usserst sphrische Kompositionen mit Trombone und Gesang (und andere gesampelte Geruschen), von diesem electro-acoustic chamber music duo von Kristin Norderval und Monique Buzzarte; beschwrt eine kaum fassbare, intensiv hypnotisch-surrealistische Atmosphre herauf..... auf dem PAULINE OLIVEROS-Label.

Zanana (za-NAH-nah) is an electro-acoustic chamber music duo featuring Kristin Norderval, (voice) and Monique Buzzart (trombone) collaboratively composing and performing improvised music blending acoustic sounds, electronics and live processing. Zanana's inception dates from an all-night peace vigil concert in the fall of 2002 when Kristin invited Monique and poet Barbara Barg to join her for an evening of improvised music and spoken word. Since then Monique and Kristin have continued developing repertoire as a live processing duo, recording and performing in venues ranging from concert halls to clubs to abandoned buildings. Zanana uses improvisation as the foundation of their compositional process. While some works are free improvisations, some are structured improvisations and some are composed works with aleatoric elements, all are rooted in the expansive practices of Deep Listening. Zanana takes its name from a variant spelling of "zenana," the portion of a house in southwestern Asian countries exclusively dedicated to women.
Holding Patterns is a compilation of live recordings selected from Zanana's first season of performances. Gasholder Duet is an improvised duo of unprocessed acoustic sounds recorded live inside the historic Gasholder Building in Troy, NY. Doorjam and Ghost Dog combine live processing of both the voice and trombone sampled in real-time with prerecorded soundfiles of ambient recordings made at the Gasholder Building and prerecorded and electronically processed voice soundfiles. Flags, Title X, and What a Pretty Dog were recorded live in concert in New York City. Poet Barbara Barg provides the text for Flags and joins the duo on spoken word on What a Pretty Dog in honor of Monique's dog Suki, who was accustomed to hearing this phrase regularly from strangers throughout her life. [label description]