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Z'EV - live 03.01.86

Format: 10inch/object
Label & Cat.Number: Crippled Intellect Productions C.I.P.08
Release Year: 2003
Note: lim. 333 in heavy metal plates-cover with indiviual engraving ! Weight: over 1 kg !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €22.00

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ZEV is back! ZEV is more than back ! Nicht nur war der legendre Klangkabbalist in 2004 wieder auf Tour in Deutschland, es sind auch diverse neue Sachen erschienen. Von der Coverartwork am eindruckstvollsten ist sicher diese live-10 mit einer Aufnahme aus Chicago 1986, denn sie kommt in einem schweren Metall-Cover in 333er Auflage, wobei die Nummer der Edition in jede der Metallplatten einzeln eingraviert wurde! ZEVs unkonventionelles 1-Mann Metall & Gong-drumming, das sich auf den KLANG und die DYNAMIK konzentriert und nicht aufs Metrum, ist wohl einmalig zu nennen... und genauso sollte man sich auf seine Sounds wohl auch einlassen und sie betrachten: nicht als Komposition, welche es zu analysieren gilt, sondern als Klangalchemie, welche das Selbst in Schwingung versetzt...

Three excerpts from a 1986 performance at N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago. Given the special packaging with this release, it was essential to have the audio component be as special. After listening to a handful of unreleased material Z'EV had given me and comparing it to his released work, I found this performance contained elements I'd not heard developed in previous releases. For one, the components of the pieces shifted quicker; he'd add new instruments and rhythms at more frequent intervals, say 3 to 4 minutes, giving a continuous piece (still between 9 and 12 minutes) a much different dynamic than other recordings. This is presented on side one, and the piece features one of the few instances I've heard where there is a secondary, or "triggered," percussive element. In this case, something akin to ball bearings were placed on a gong, adding a second layer of rhythm as Z'EV worked the gong. This is similar to his well-known car spring on bass drum pieces. Side two opens with one of the few live recordings of Z'EV's rubbing pieces (scraping a metal tube/pole or rubbing a rubber ball on a sheet of metal to make dronish, almost whale-like sounds) which segues into a subtle tonal wash of gong sounds. The final piece on side two is a rapid fire downpour of furious percussion. A unique addition to Z'EV's output, this release comes in an edition of 333 copies in steel plates. Each plate is sequentially hand-stamped, and each copy has an insert signed by Z'EV.[label info] "Also by Z'ev, but from a historical perspective is a really beautiful 10": packed inside two metal plates which are stamped with 'Z'ev' and the copy number (of a total edition of 333 copies). It resembles that other metal packaging, by Chop Shop from so long ago. Crippled Intellect has released a 3" with historical live recordings before and this 10" features recordings made at the N.A.M.E. Gallery in Chicago in 1986. On the first side there is a rhythmic piece, which doesn't sound like it is kept in the same rhythm, but rather like an exploration of the sounds metal on metal can produce. Side B starts with slow rumbling of metal sheets being rubbed with balls which built in a peaceful way. The second piece is a fast drumming on metal piecemaybe better known as Z'ev trademark playing. A fine addition to the already vast catalogue of material by Z'ev of which much is no longer available. It could also serve as a fine introduction to his work, in case you missed him out in the eighties." [Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly #411]