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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ritornell RIT 28
Release Year: 2003
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.50

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Soundmäßig wohl das zugänglichste Material, das der Frankfurter Konzeptkünstler bisher produziert hat. Digital verwobene found sound-Wellen, v.a. Streicher, vermischen sich mit Störgeräuschen in endlosen, ratternden Kaskaden.. immer in Bewegung und Veränderung. Sehr vital und geräuschhaft schön ! Als Soundquelle dienten seine eigenen Radiosendungen..

„ While the common modes of broadcasting, distributing and listening to sound seem to be changing rapidly it may make sense to tune into that process and give way to a flexible organisation of sonic structures - 60 x X bases on my monthly broadcast on Radio X, Frankfurt a.M. (www.radioX.de) I use all available players at the radiostation to play different records, CDs and cassettes from my archive at the same time. The resulting layered stream of sound is re-structured and re-composed by a real-time computer-program. Composition thus becomes a method to select, transform and develop sonic presence on the brink or randomness. This ritornell CD is a re-structured version of recordings from such
broadcasts. The first 60 min of 60 x X was broadcast on resonance fm, London in 2002. (www.resonancefm.com). This ritornell CD (post-produced at FTF Studio, Frankfurt a.M.) is the
second edited version - evenly underlaid by a grid of indexes that separates the sonic stream into 60 pieces. - (both shuffle mode and sequential play are recommended). Artwork by Charly Steiger.” [press release]