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WHITELODGE - Stream of Dreams

Format: 10inch
Label & Cat.Number: Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt031
Release Year: 2003
Note: lim. 500 / last part in the Lactamase series: "WHITELODGE zeigen sich als songorientierte, melancholisch sanfte Psychedelic-Experimentalisten, mit groem Potential."
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Da ist sie, die letzte 10 in der LACTAMASE-Serie, und wieder prsentiert das Portlander Label einen ungewhnlichen Newcomer. WHITELODGE zeigen sich als songorientierte, melancholisch sanfte Psychedelic-Experimentalisten, mit groem Potential.
Und jetzt kommts: wer sich artig alle 12 LACTAMASE 10es besorgt und die entsprechenden Coupons darin nicht verloren hat, bekommt dafr UMSONST eine bonus-10 mit exklusiven Stcken ALLER Beteiligten! Diese Bonus-10 ist NICHT VERKUFLICH!

A fragment of celestial shrapnel: Whitelodge does indeed "lodge" itself deep into the mind, restoring with it the body, and being of general benefit to one's overall constitution. Or, perhaps, it's just the little lobotomy you have always dreamed of. This 10" EP reveals a band capable of great magick and prodigious evolution. Whitelodge has become adept at marrying atmosphere to song structure without surrendering to a belabored posture, and this even beyond the debut magnum opus. There has been found a solid footing where each sound, each note, is perfectly placed and paced. Beginnings are given to pregnant, breathing intros, allowing the music to develop and resonate before the fully formed imagoes emerge, which ARE songs, but also tone poems. While not sounding at all like them, Whitelodge's methodology is something akin to My Bloody Valentine on "Loveless," where pieces are sewn together, each ending making a subtle statement tow ards the birth of the next; textures taking equal place next to structure. The EP showcases Whitelodge's exploration of quiet cosmics, both evoking psych-folk of old and more modern elements, like the gentler psychedelic moments found in Cindytalk (when growling through the hush, buzzing in the rushes) or Karl Blake seduced Sol Invictus (tiptoe, through the bassline). Because of timing and tone Red House Painters is a close cousin in many respects except that Whitelodge frames its songs with a greater emphasis towards experimentalism and certainly occupies a more ghostly plane. Repeated listenings virtually leave traces of ectoplasm on the speakers. Dustin Gilbert's voice is a patient and subdued instrument, confident and softly percussive and, by and by, very compelling. A beautiful and mysterious riddle of a release, which, if unraveled, may well, be a key to Heaven. [label description]