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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) (COMPILATIONS) - The walls are whispering...

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: EE Tapes ee03
Release Year: 2003
Note: lim. 525 copies in gold-printed 7"-cover, with exclusive material from: TOY BIZARRE, DIETER MUH, KALLABRIS, C.RENOU, VIDNA OBMANA, STEVE RODEN, SVEEN, PBK, INADE, TROUM
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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Dark experimental compilation on belgiums finest cassette & CDR label. Exclusive material from : Toy Bizarre (FR) Kallabris (DE)
sveen (BE) Christian Renou (FR) PBK (US) vidnaObmana (BE) Troum (DE) Steve Roden (US) Inade (DE) Dieter Mh (GB). The CD comes in a deluxe offset-printed 7" cover (gold and black print on bordeaux cardboard).

With PBK, Toy Bizarre, Troum, Christian Renou, Steve Roden, vidnaObmana and a host of newcomers all on one beautifully handcrafted disc, this becomes a tense and absorbing sit-down event. Toy Bizarre's opener "(Lost in Gent)" is sparsely ambient and full of enigmatic refinements followed closely by the equally spooky "Stella Polaris" by UK's Dieter Mh (Dave Uden Steve Cammack). Christian Renou consigns his nearly nine-minute opus "Apres, Bientot et Encore" like a message from an ether encircled globe. As he plays with metallics, the drone builds with laser-like thrashes and buzzing alarm calls. Intermedia artist Steve Roden's "The Presence of Copper" is this Californian's quiet investigation of truth in essential metals. Roden uses what could be a toy harp and rebellious electronics. Kallabris (J.T. 124), who offers two tracks to this collection, stirs up the "Nord" on this gothic apparition. The heavy bass drone and looming wind takes a vacant vessel into its sordid grasp and shivers its timbre. Troum completes this narrative with their uncommonly propitious and hazy rendering of "Makaria." In eight minutes, Troum envelops us a single orchestral passage. The listener is blinded in a cascade of filtered guitar phrasings creating their signature drone, though in higher tonal values. Also included here are works by Sveen, PBK and Inade. This forbidden elegy needed to be told by multidimensional sound historians, the keepers of these well-guarded secrets. [TJNORRIS]