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Format: do-CD/book
Label & Cat.Number: Pfau-Verlag / Edition RZ Parallele 10012/10013
Release Year: 2001
Note: wonderful full-colour art-book & documentation of sound installations, by FRANCOIS DONATO, ADRIAN MOORE, ALVIN LUCIER, CHRISTINA KUBISCH, and many more
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Ringbuchkatalog mit 2 CDs. Kompositionen von Francois Donato, Tom Johnson, Christina Kubisch, Ron Kuivila, Alvin Lucier, Wolfgang Mitterer, Adrian Moore, Jose Antonio Orts, Ed Osborn, David Prior, Martin Riches, Mario Verandi
CD 1
Francois Donato: Corps de Compassion (15'42'')
Adrian Moore: Ethereality (14'55'')
David Prior: Love & Death (13'14'')
Mario Verandi: Evil Fruit (10'25'')
Alvin Lucier: On the Carpet of Leaves illuminated by the Moon (12'14'')
Ron Kuivila: Impulsive Arcs (6'54'')
CD 2
Tom Johnson, Martin Riches: Percussion (3'18'')
Jose Antonio Orts: Composicion infinita (5'44'')
Ed Osborn: Recoil (4'23'')
Ron Kuivila: Engel in Erdton (6'44'')
Christina Kubisch: Tafelmusik 2000 (7'20'')
Wolfgang Mitterer: Zeit vergeht (29'11'') [label info]