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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) (COMPILATIONS) - Evolved As One - a Collection of emotional Ambient Drones

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Evolvedasone evol 01
Release Year: 2003
Note: we think: simply one of the best "emotional drone" compilations of all time! Last copies back in stock, now for special price, ed. of 500 copies, feat. exclusives from: MOLJEBKA PVLSE, DUAL, URE THRALL, ULTRASOUND, STEPHEN MEIXNER (CONTRASTATE, CATS OF TEL AVIV, and TROUM
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Ein neues Label aus Utrecht, NL, wartet gleich mit einer hochkartigen ambient-drone Compilation auf. Sehnsuchtsvollste Sphren wieder von URE THRALL, transzendentale DeepDrone-Kaskaden von MOLJEBKA PVLSE, DUAL taucht in micro-detail-Flchen ein, ULTRASOUND umschwirren zart die Sinne, STEPHEN MEIXNER (ex CONTRASTATE) fngt den Hrer in eine traumhaft-weiche Atmosphre ein, CATS OF TEL AVIV (Solo-Projekt von Rober Ovetz/ ULTRASOUND) betrt mit ganz minimalen Hauch-Vibrationen, und TROUM betrauern das nicht zu ndernde Schicksal.
Wir meinen: Eine Top-Compilation wie aus einem Guss ohne Schwachpunkte, Pflicht fr Freunde dronig-erhabener Klnge !
Pure yearning of the spheres ! This ones made to break your heart! A new Label from Utrecht, NL, with their first release a highly recommended ambient-drone compilation, we think one of the best that has ever been done in this genre !!

A new label from The Netherlands: hurray! Evolved from a series of concerts held in Utrecht, their main man nows has his own label and as a start he released a CD with nine tracks by his favourite seven artists. Like with the evenings, Evolved As One focusses on ambient and drone related music. They seek drone music in various directions: sad, introvert or melancholic. On this CD we find some very deep drony music by some of the more well-known players in the field. Dual, Ultrasound and Troum all have releases out that gained quite some recognition. Runner up are SRMeixner (the solo project of Stephen Meixner, formerly of Contrastate), Ure Thrall (whose 'Breathing' here is on the edge of kitsch, I must admit), Cats Of Tel Aviv (solo project of Rob Ovetz of Ultrasound) and Moljebka Pvlse. These seven groups play their usual standard - high standard, I must say - of organic, densely layered music, but the standout is Troum's 'Ananke', with accordion playing and a highly reverbed and slowed down sea man choir. A true melancholic song - a song that it is, rather then a landscape. It's the shortest song, but quite a surprise. The converted to the genre will surely like this, as much as I do (because I am already converted) and the uniniated will have a splendid introduction to the genre. [FdW, Vital Weekly]