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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) (COMPILATIONS) - Death's last Life's Breath

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Beta-lactam Ring Records bb08
Release Year: 2004
Note: label sampler with NURSE WITH WOUND, GREEN MILK FROM THE PLANET ORANGE, EARTHMONKEY, E.KA-SPEL, BEEQUEEN, IRR.APP.(EXT.), LA STPO, WHITELODGE, FRIDAY GROUP... contains a very long, exclusive NWW track! ["A Wasted Life of Phagocyte Foot Fetishism"] LAST COPY
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1 Green Milk From The Planet Orange– Sweet 5 A.M. (Edit) 5:50
2 Earthmonkey– Hanumantra (Edit) 7:29
3 Earthmonkey– Reflections On Native Yard 52 (Edit) 5:00
4 Whitelodge– Masters Within Spaces (Edit) 4:29
5 Edward Ka-Spel– Comedown (Edit) 4:42
6 Nurse With Wound– She And Me Fall Together Like Free Death (Phosphorous Mix) (Edit) 7:20
7 Nurse With Wound– A Wasted Life Of Phagocyte Foot Fetishism 14:57
8 La STPO– Cet À-mort Vibre L'air (Edit) 8:00
9 La STPO– Bebalanbébant (Edit) 5:18
10 Friday Group– 2 (Edit) 6:11
11 irr. app. (ext.)– Perekluchenie: The Stairway To The Blue Light Subsides (Edit) 5:31
12 Beequeen– I'm Searching For Field Character (Edit) 4:45