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TROUM - Tjukurrpa (part two: drones)

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Transgredient Records TR-01 (b)
Release Year: 2002
Note: Second part in the Tjukurrpa-trilogy, again in circle cover design
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Der zweite Teil der Trilogie zeigt die „dronige“ Seite von TROUM, fünf lange Stücke mit transzendental-entrückten DRONES von meditativer Atmosphäre bis hin zu rituell-apokalyptischen, monumentalen Klangräumen... ein weiterer Versuch, die Ratio auszuschalten und in grenzenlose, entsubjektierte Bewußtseinssphären zu gelangen! Kommt wieder im kreisförmigen Cover....second CD in the Tjukurrpa – trilogy, another try to loose ratio and reach boundless spheres of mind.
“This part two is dedicated to "drones", presenting five highly atmospheric and droning tracks ranging from minimal to monumental sounds, from dark ambient to more ritualistic areas: these are drones to loose your rational mind in.. The music on Tjukurrpa II is made by loops based on metal-sounds, percussion & other more obscure sources, as well as mouth-organ, choirs, guitars, and effects.” [press release]

“All in all "Tjukurrpa" is a step towards unconsciousness, estrangement and self-knowledge. Having plunged so deep into one’s inner space one risks never to come back again. Roaming about the corridors of your own soul, try not to get lost completely.” [Nikolai Kiryukhin]

„ Just like Maeror Tri, Troum seem to have mastered this area of subconscious music best.“ [Frans de Waard, VitalWeekly]