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TOY BIZARRE - kdi dctb 122 [f]

Format: mCD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Taalem alm 31
Release Year: 2006
Note: one of the highlights in the TOY BIZARRE discography is this E.P. with a "Nature-sound-Dream-melange" with rising metallic drones and long clanging crescendo, all based on field recordings made of the sound environment made in the village of La Pommerie (St. Setiers) in France..... a one-tracker of 19+ minutes length, BACK IN STOCK
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Neues Material von TOY BIZARRE, seit jeher eines unserer Lieblings turn field-recordings-into-something-new-Projekte ! Wir bekommen
eine Natursound-Traum-Melange zu hren mit anschwellendem Metall-Drhnen wie bei BERTOIA & urlangem Klirr-Crescendo, fantastisch !

"kdi dctb 122 [f]" is an alternate mix from "kdi dctb 122". "kdi dctb
122" was a sound work of interpreted cartography whose theme was, on one hand, the sound environment in an area of 750m around the village of La Pommerie (in the town of St Setiers), and on second hand, the sound events related to the birth of the morning dew in the same area. Work was made of many recordings in/on 10 "micro-places" of the area ; every element was recorded. These field recordings were later sculpted with hard & and software. "kdi dctb 122 [f]" was done in november 2005 by cdric peyronnet. This stereo-reduction was