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TAYLOR, SCOTT / SR MEIXNER - Please Keep Clear at all Times

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Entr'acte 34
Release Year: 2006
Note: early collab.work by S.R. MEIXNER (CONTRASTATE) and SCOTT TAYLOR (THEN JERICHO), they created three long tracks based on field and live recordings plus instrumental sources, very droney and archaic sounding, really captivating and with many micro details.... / "All three tracks are great pieces of haunting, cinematographic field recordings and careful electronic treatments. Great stuff" [Vital Weekly] - lim. 300 in sealed white bag with poster, LAST COPIES found !!
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Sehr spannendes elektro-akustisches Werk von (ex-CONTRASTATE) STEPHEN MEIXNER und SCOTT TAYLOR, insgesamt sehr dunkel & einnehmend, aber mit vielen Mikrodetails und Spannungsbgen. Tip!

A collaborative album between Scott Taylor, whose previous releases can be found on the Sijis, Touch, and Con-V labels, and srmeixner, once a member of the influential UK group Contrastate. 'Please keep clear at all times' consists of three tracks, combining Musique Concrte, field recordings, and other source material (the piano of Kenneth Kirschner and recordings by M.A. Tolosa on Kirschner Wind, and vocals by Jonathan Grieve on The Sound of X) into dramatic soundscapes. The latter track, composed by an additive process of file exchange, is a radical re-working of a live srmeixner concert recording made by Scott Taylor. [label info]

If I understood things well, Scott Taylor and Srmeixner didn't actually work together, even when both are based in London (I think), but exchanged sound files. Scott Taylor has had some great releases on Sijis and con-V, dealing with many subtle layered field recordings and Srmeixner was once a member of Contrastate, but started a new life behind the computer. On the first piece, 'Kirschner Wind' they also used the always decaying piano sounds by Kenneth Kirschner and rain recordings by M.A. Tolosa. An empty piece of music, but with a strong, haunting character. 'Nothing Falls Into Place' is a pure field recordings piece, more Taylor than Srmeixner, me thinks, of layered sounds that form a deep drone, with some looser textured sounds on top. 'The Sound Of X' is a rework by Taylor of Srmeixner concert that involves also Jonathan Grieve on vocals (he was the other member of Contrastate), but it's reworked to such an extent that the vocals can no longer be recognized. It's a digital drone rework of mid-frequency sounds that sound like sea waves. All three tracks are great pieces of haunting, cinematographic field recordings and careful electronic treatments. Great stuff. [Vital Weekly]