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TATE, DARREN - The elves are coming

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Twenty Hertz TH 013
Release Year: 2006
Note: ed. of 150 / with DAISUKE SUZUKI SPECIAL OFFER now !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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Wie klingt es wohl, wenn Elfen erscheinen? In den Soundrahmen aus japanischen field recordings von DAISUKE SUZUKI (Grillenzirpen, etc.) fallen wellende Instrumentalklnge und einzelne Klangobjekte von DARREN TATE, die seltsam effektiert (deharmonisiert) scheinen, die Atmosphre die so mit einfachen Mittel erzeugt wird lsst sich schwer beschreiben.... irgendwann kommen noch leise, schleppende Rhythmusmaschinensounds dazu, das alles hchst minimal und hchst seltsam .... 41 minutes, 2 pieces...

Along with one of his best titles this features some excellent artwork from Darren and comes in the usual Twenty Hertz style in a jewelcase with printed inserts. What we hear however is a little harder to explain. Guitar and Organ improvisations mix with everyday environmental sounds and field recordings that were captured in Japan and contributed by Daisuke Suzuki. These two worlds collide to create a very intimate affair. Ominous paranoid undertones rattle the tranquillity of late night insects, the insanity of the day impeding on the faded light [label info]

... 'The Elves Are Coming' consists of him playing guitar and keyboard whilst in the background there is a field recording by Daisuke Suzuki. It was mixed in two days in early january of this year and, although it is never stated, it's probably recorded then also, as the whole thing has a very direct, almost 'live' feel to it. The guitar sometimes just 'hums' and seems not to be doing much, while we hear sounds of someone shuffling about in what seems to me a wooden cabin of some sort. It's the sort of ambient drone music that is not necessarily demanding much, more like a sort of coincidental colliding of sound particles. That may sound perhaps a bit too easy, but it's this apparent randomness that is quite nice. [FdW/Vital Weekly]