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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Recommended Records ReR RDD
Release Year: 2006
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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ERIC GLICK RIEMAN: Piano & Synthesizer, LESLI DALABA: Trompete, STUART DEMPSTER: Trombone, Didjeridoo, etc..
9 Stcke fein gesponnene Instrumental- & Gerusch-Improvisationen, eher zurckhaltend und mit Gespr fr Mikro-Details, manchmal fast meditativ...

This is one of those recordings that arrived unannounced in the mail. I knew Lesli Dalaba, of course, but the others were new to me. The project is Eric Glick Rieman's and I found it immediately intriguing. There seemed to be something quite subtle going on; minimal, microtonal, economical and eccentric; it plays subtly with timbre, pitch and structure and never quite does what you expect. At first blush it seemed as it would be another interesting but conventional improvising trio, but after a few minutes the organising intelligence, and the clear compositional discipline became clear. And after this, throughout the CD, it sticks to the point. This is a deep investigation of a very few simple principles. Acoustic instruments rub ambiguously up against electrified objects and electronics, but these in the main provide atmosphere and harmonic complexity, never overpowering the mingling air-columns on which the wave of this CD floats. Attachments, modifiers, objects all make an appearance, but the topic is the small, the tenuous - and the tenacious - above all, breath. [ReR]