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REPTILJAN / IBRAHIM TERZIC - Pangrenade / Yuck Brij

Format: 7"
Label & Cat.Number: Some Place Else SPE7SP03028
Release Year: 2003
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €6.00

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Finnland. DEATH METAL nochmal durch den Effektfleischwolf gedreht. Unglaublich. REPTILJAN.
IBRAHIM TERZIC. Computer-Collagen-harsh-noise in aberwitziger Abfolge und Geschwindigkeit.

У A split 7" from the cold land of the fins. Reptiljan is Niko Skorpio's plunderphonic project, whose 'Pangrenade' samples death metal too death. A fierce onslaught on the ears. It remains strongly in the digital domains, but not as digital sounding as the b-side by
Ibrahim Terzic. His 'Yuck Brij' is a highly distorted computer noise, which sound, when played at the right volume, quite alright. Both
pieces are sure to break down any party you have going on. Address: www.someplaceelse.net Д [FdW / Vital Weekly]