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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Quag twenty five
Release Year: 2005
Note: REUTOFF-sideproject. oversized cardboard-cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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REUTOFF zeigen hier ihre verborgene, humorvolle Pop- & drogenschwangere Seite: die verschiedenen Stcke ihres Seitenprojekts QUATTRO BRAVO EBALLIEROS wurden inspiriert von solch bewusstseinsverndernden Praktiken und Substanzen wie Schlafentzug, Vodka, Bier, Absinth, etc.. sie klingen wie eine weirde russische Version von NOVY SVET oder DDAA, oder frhe 80erJahre Homerecording-Projekte....obskurer Gesang, sdlndische Melancholie, sehr unterhaltsam und definitiv zur Regression einlandend! Credits in russisch & englisch.

First official CD from this Reutoff side-project known for their brilliant track on "Tutti A Casa - a tribute to Ain Soph" compilation. This is a special compilation to celebrate 10 years of QBE existence. Formed back in 1995, long before Reutoff started, this weird urban-folk/apocalyptic-chanson project with a touch of psychodelia and russian alcoholic madness have recorded more than a dozen albums for private use which are now waiting to see the daylight. Each album is a documentary of a night alcohol fuelled session. The 22 best tracks from those albums chosen by the fans have been included in this compilation, 4 of them have been remixed and rearranged especially for this release. The music reminds of Novy Svet, Mushroom Patience, late Ain Soph and sometimes even NWW, but it has more tragic russian feel and weirdness inside. This compilation could be considered as a herald for the complete album releases on Steinklang and Indiestate which are planned for 2006. The first edition of "1995-2005" is limited to 300 copies in a special package printed silver on black. [label nfo]