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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Scratch Records SCR18CD
Release Year: 1996
Note: PROPELLER = MARK SPYBEY. first album
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Debut-Album des Solo-Projekts von ex-Zoviet France-Mitglied MARK SBYBEY, war lange vergriffen, wieder erhltlich !!

Propeller is a Vancouver based collective of no fixed membership save the hands of Mark Spybey. Spybey is known for his work as Dead Voices On Air, who have released several albums for Invisible Records. He also worked with Download and Zoviet France.
Rame was a quick fire collection of sonic fragments, isolationist doodles, half truths, archived recordings and low fi ambience.....
Propeller started it's life in England, 1992. It was there that Spybey recorded with his childhood friend Richard Sanderson, who is a mainstay of London's vibrant free improvisational scene. The pair recorded versions of songs that they had worked on in the late '70's, as well as numerous pieces inspired by their fascination with spontaneous composition and noisy improvisational music. It is hoped that these recordings will be cleaned up and released.
Spybey resurrected Propeller's Do It Yourself Disposable Music ethos when he was invited to submit a 30 second piece for a CD Rom project in 1995. Why become so fascinated by first take spontaneity? Propeller seeks to create compact music. Music that expressively captures a moment in time or a dynamic (between the musicians, between the musicians and their instruments and between the music and the listener ). It's deliberately ambiguous in intent. You won't find deceptive melodies or catchy hooks here. It's not gratuitous noise either. It's carefully sculpted once recorded and laid out for the listener to play with. To explore. [label info]