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OSSO EXOTICO - Church Organ Works

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Sonoris SON-03
Release Year: 1998
Note: the legendary ensemble from Lisbon with an album of organ pieces recorded entirely in churches, highly minimal, ethereal and free floating.. sixth album of the Drone Records artist (DR-37), BACK IN STOCK, special offer now!
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Die Aufnahmen zu diesem Album wurden ausschlie▀lich in Kirchen gemacht ľ OrgelstŘcke, wie sie minimaler und freischwebender kaum sein k÷nnen. ─therisch & von mitunter monumentaler Art, aber auch von zarter, heiliger Stimmung. Wieder eine aussergew÷hnliche CD der Gruppe aus Portugal. Sehr feine Artwork (Klappcover).

"The three piece group from Portugal explore in ten tracks the possibilities of the church organ. The members play in various combinations on different organs. The outcome is very varied. The opening piece is barely audible, but the second piece is a loud, repitive, all register open one. Of course it's hard to see this music without any religious overtones, but Osso Exotico don't give a clue in that direction: all their pieces are untitled. Meditative pieces in most cases, but less minimal then the known minimalist who grew up with playing organ. This is a different approach then Charlemagne Palestine would do, but none the less this is quite interesting." [Frans de Waard - Vital weekly]