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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Helmet rOOm Records
Release Year: 2005
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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ber BETA-LACTAM wird diese (Debut?)-CD dieser vierkpfigen Band aus Denver, CO, vertrieben. ORBIT SERVICE machen vertrumten, langsamen Songwriter-Folk/Pop mit hochmelancholischer Note und schnen Instrumentalparts, dunkel, gefhlvoll & warm.... leicht elektronisch / psychedelisch, gitarrig, mit getragenen Melodica- bzw. Akkordeon-Arrangements.... erinnert an RED HOUSE PAINTERS, IDAHO, oder SYD BARRET wenn er heute noch Musik machen wrde...

Twilight, mastered by Grammy-award-winning engineer Matt Sandoski, explores dark, brooding territory with near-telepathic interplay. Seamless from start to finish, this eleven-song cycle sustains an ominous, slow-loping ambience suitable for doomsday -- or at least a rainy-morning shag. Twilight is a journey through lavish, woeful soundscapes populated by jilted lovers, sleepless nights, and friends that are friends no more. Masterfully arranged and orchestrated, the album envelopes the listener in a seamless world of soaring peaks and dismal, barren wastelands. Hope is absent, and the anger of youth has been replaced by melancholic acceptance of the world's hastening plummet at the hands of man. The album's pristine production, handled by both the band members and Grammy Award-winning engineer Matt Sandoski, blurs the line between listener and performer. Around every bend are sonic explorations that create a moving and shared experience. [press release]

"The best way I can describe the sound of this album is to think of what you would get if you mixed PORTISHEAD, a little PINK FLOYD, RADIOHEAD, and the slower side of PORCUPINE TREE." [Jettmandude, www.peacedogman.com, May 2005]