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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Mode Records MODE 40
Release Year: 1994
Note: Hazy dreamy clouds of accordion drone recorded in a reverberant chapel
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Hazy dreamy clouds of accordion drone recorded in a reverberant chapel.

"Pauline Oliveros is internationally acclaimed as a composer, accordionist, teacher and innovator of the technique called Deep Listening. 'Deep Listening' unfolds through the
interaction of the performers as they are influenced by special tunings and the space around them. In 1991, Oliveros was invited by Neely Bruce, director of American Voices, to conduct Deep Listening training sessions with them in the chapel of the Pomfret School in Connec-ticut. This chapel was specially chosen
for the sessions because of its rich and reverberant acoustics. After two weekends of workshops, Oliveros and American Voices recorded several Deep Listening/Sonic Meditations in the Chapel. A special solo performance by Pauline Oliveros on her 'just-intonation' accordion was titled St. George and the Dragon, an interaction with the the chapel's acoustics, which included a noisy squirrel who joined in! Oliveros is again featured on the accordion with American Voices for In Memoriam, Mr. Whitney, a moving meditation for those departed." [label description]