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MUSTERION - The Black Lodge

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: HORUS CyclicDaemon HCD 6
Release Year: 2005
Note: lim. 500 / A5 Cover / art paper booklet / ONE 2nd hand copy in stock, almost MINT quality!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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Uns bisher unbekanntes Projekt auf HORUS, mit erster (?) Veröffentlichung unter diesem Namen. THE BLACK LODGE ist keine einfache Zusammenstellung von Musikstücken, sondern eher ein theatralisch-szenischer Soundtrack zu einer dunklen Geschichte oder Vision, mit Bezug zu LOVECRAFT, BURROUGHS, KEROUAC, GINSBERG. Das klingt sehr neoklassisch & dunkel instrumental, ist aber auch in elektro-akustischer Weise mit Stimmen & allen möglichen Geräuschen versehen, liegt also zwischen Neo-Klassik / Filmsoundtrack und Elektro-Akustik. Das ganze Werk wirkt wie in einem Traum oder einer Halluzination gehört… Grossformatige Hülle & Kunstdruck-Booklet, nummerierte Auflage von 500 Stück !

"The Black Lodge", a world beyond, is the place were Agent Dale Cooper is trapped. He travers through memories, dreams, Tibet, the works of H. P. Lovecraft and more. The Agent possesses the body of the late Jerzy Grotowski as he do his last journey among the walking dead. The visions of Cooper are seen, heard and felt in this avant-garde and exquisitely dark ambient album from Musterion, Simon AA Kölle (Za Frûmi, Abnocto). The Black Lodge is a place of murder, dreams, mystery, darkness, ancient machines, old memories and horror. A shrieking violin swells into a chaotic babel of sound; a pandemonium that would have lead most men to doubt their own shaking sanity. Inarticulate cries that only mutes can utter, and that rises only in moments of the most terrible fear or anguish.
With extreme attention to details this profound opus of the mind leads the listener away from the normal world and into the world of the Black Lodge. Garmonbozia!“ [label description]

“....In order to induce such a hallucinatory listening experience Musterion creates music using a wide array of instrumentation ranging from traditional and classical acoustic instruments to purely electronic based sounds. Though many songs are shadowed by dark ominous drones the music in each song reaches way beyond the range and habit of standard dark ambient music. Musterion has striven to bring experimentalism to dark ambient music and has successfully created a cinematic environment previously only pursued by too few capable musicians. Musterion “The Black Lodge” is definitely the most powerful full length album I have heard Simon AA Kölle participate upon. Fans of Simon’s previous work as Za Frumi will find the cinematic quality of the music familiar though be informed that the scope and intricateness of the songs far exceed Simon’s work with Za Frumi. I highly encourage dark ambient fans that like music that reaches beyond standard drone music to check out Musterion as well. Anyone with a fetish for H. P. Lovecraft or other dark occult inspired narratives is also encouraged to discover Musterion. Musterion is an invitation to close your eyes and be led into a world of shifting shadows, intrigue, and horror. This excellent release is limited to 500 hand signed copies so collectors be aware of the limited nature of this release.” [Heathen Harvest]