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MOU, LIPS! - Peanuts and shells geometria

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: List L3
Release Year: 2002
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Italienisches Projekt aus dem TU M Umfeld; zeitlos schne Minimalismen aus prozessierten Gitarren/Bass/etc-Klngen; eine Mischung aus digitalen und analogen Sounds mit einer sehr schwungvoll-leichten Note. Erinnert z.B. an TORAL, AMBARCHI, FENNESZ...

Based in Pescara, Italy, Emanuela De Angelis and Andrea Gabriele are mou, lips!, and this is their debut EP. Emanuela has worked with the group Joyce Whore Not and also as a guest with tu m', and here performs on voice, computer, guitar and objects. Andrea was one third of tu m' before leaving the group recently, and here performs on laptop, turntable, sounding table, guitar, double bass and objects. Together, they make music at times light and playful (I have no doubt some of these tracks would feel right at home on a Sonig compilation), at others chilling and austere. But always, throughout these six tracks, there's a sense of adventure, of embarking on exploring new sounds and interesting combinations, taking the glitch aesthetic as a basis and making something quite compelling with it. Occasionally the crackles and pops are accompanied by a voice (and yet even this voice quickly becomes processed and consumed by the glitches), and more often by other electronic interruptions and sounds both concrete and synthetic. Usually the tracks are not driven by rhythm, but by tone and atmosphere; although there are rhythms all over the place here, mostly in the form of minimal or playful loops, crackling sounds and half-melodies trying to make it into the foreground. A small taste of possibly great things to come [Richard di Santo INCURSION]