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MINIT - Now right here

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Staubgold 53
Release Year: 2004
Note: the great 3 track LP by this Australian duo (JASMINE GUFFOND and TORBEN TILLY), extremely contemplative & hypnotic drone-layers, somehow illuminated from the inside, gaining slowly volume and densitiy.. back in stock, our highest recommendation!!
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"Endlich was neues von einer unserer Lieblings-Drone-Bands, die inzwischen von Australien nach Berlin gezogen sind....wir hren hier auf drei Stcken kontemplative, extrem hypnotische Drone-Schichten, regelrecht leuchtende Klangteppiche, die sanft an Volumen und Dichte gewinnen und aus denen sich dann harmonische Strukturen herausschlen.. EMPFEHLUNG!!" [Drone Rec. info 2004]

A long awaited release from Sydney's Minit culminates in a masterpiece collection of spectral drone music. With their unhierarchical approach to the use of 'found' sound, a fuzzed out electric bass line sits neatly alongside field recordings of atmospheric hum - their individual sound qualities overriding their semiotic value, so that each sound, representing a layer, shimmers and swells within Minit's evolving, sonic habitat. Now Right Here, the title track as well as the album, is about being caught in the moment. From fragile harmonic and melodic intonations to towering, ecstatic drones and electrical disturbances this album captures a balance betwen noise and harmony, excitation and calmness, distance and intimacy - drawing you into a hypnotic, psychedelic sound-world that belongs uniquely to Minit. Now Right Here is a fragile, immersive and emotional album.Minit is JASMINE GUFFOND and TORBEN TILLY. They are currently living and working in Berlin.[press release]

Overall the sound has become more detailled and more rich since my first encounter with them. Music with a highly trance like atmosphere, maybe even psychedelic. Quite nice indeed. [fdw/Vital Weekly]