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MARTUSCIELLO, ELIO - Unoccupied Areas

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: ReR Megacorp ReR EM1
Release Year: 2005
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Grossartige neue Experimentalmusik von diesem italienischen Komponisten (auch mit OSSATURA aktiv), die noch am ehesten der Elektro-Akustik zuzurechnen ist. Soundschnipsel z.B. von der answering machine Solution CD (Staalplaat) und von vielen anderen kontemporren Musike(r)n werden von ihm usserst sorgfltig und so gut wie ohne Wiedererkennungswert der Originalquellen neu bearbeitet und zusammengesetzt, so dass hochdynamische, klanglich perfekt aufeinander abgestimmte Collagen entstehen. Es gibt absolut keine Wiederholungen, jeder auftauchende Klang ist neu, jede Sekunde fr eine berraschung gut. Das Zuhren erfordert ein wachsames, aufmerksames Bewusstsein, das Gegenteil von meditativer Musik ! TIP!

"This is a quiet masterpiece. Five tightly focused electroacoustic compositions that are austere, rich, strange and brilliantly executed. Elio has an ear like a bat and a serious antipathy toward clich, and he never relies on repetition for structure; these pieces seem rather to grow out of themselves in surprising but somehow logical ways like perfect exotic blooms. His is also a music of extremes, never theoretical but always grounded in the grain of the sounds themselves. Working with sounds taken directly from the world -- in 'A@travero', the electronic world: disembodied voices from answering machines, radio, Television, CDs, cinema and the internet; in 'Proiezioni', the cinematic world of machines: cameras, projectors, empty film spools, and so on for each piece which starts with the collection of similarly connected materials. The final track, a hommage to Pierre Schaeffer, draws directly on Schaeffer's own captured recordings, taking, as concrete music does, already cooked materials as just another kind of raw ingredient. The sources may be quotidian, but they are not mundane. And they have been refined and polished and stretched and squashed and buffed and etherised to the point where they are like polished steel, reflecting something in a distorted plane, resembling something as a Brancusi might, but unfamiliar, transfigured." [press release]