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LILES, ANDREW - My long accumulating Discontent

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Nextera ERA 2035-2
Release Year: 2004
Note: stunning early album by the British master of surrealistic, unsettling ambient atmospheres, combined with human voices and concrete elements a somehow "nostalgic" sound is formed reminding both on NURSE WITH WOUND and DAVID LYNCH films, ending with a melancholic folk-song..
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LILES ist Meister im Spinnen surrealer, diskomfortabler Ambient-Atmosphren und deren Verquickung mit menschlichen Stimmen, konkreten Elementen, und irgendwie nostalgisch gefrbten found sounds & Quellen. Fremdartige Dimensionen ala NURSE WITH WOUND sind hier nicht weit, aber auch eine bizarre DAVID LYNCH-artige Stimmung verbreitet sich dadurch... und am Ende ein melancholischer Folk-Song....
My Long Accumulating Discontent is the fourth and certainly the strangest recording from Andrew Liles. This CD is in places more melodic than Liles previous output and its 17 tracks cover a wide musical territory. Some songs are short and harmonious, other pieces are longer, subtle and contemplative with drifting delicate drones. In places the CD is truly bizarre and defies all conventions. The album doesnt fit easily into any definable bracket and we feel this oddity belongs in a class all of its own. Traditional English vernacular culture connoisseur Andrew King joins Andrew Liles for one track and Aaron Moore and Nick Mott of Volcano the Bear contribute to several other songs. My Long Accumulating Discontent is a distinct and peculiar excursion from the norm. [press release]