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LERMAN, RICHARD - A master of scale and other pieces

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Anomalous Records LERMAN 3
Release Year: 2003
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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RICHARD LERMAN erforscht gerne konzeptuell seine akustische Umwelt mit selbstgebauten Instrumenten oder gewagten Installationen. Hier sind 4 seiner Stcke (Zeitraum 1981-1997) mit detaillierten Beschreibungen seiner Arbeitsweise verffentlicht worden. Hochinteressant & abstrakt..

a collection of concert pieces all using self built transducers and other instruments. includes "Entrance Music" (1981 recorded in Utrecht with Richard playing self-build instruments (including a 40 foot long amplified slinky played with a violin bow, an Audubon bird call, an early version of a plinky and others), twelve self built microphones & transducers along with tape delay; "A Matter of Scale" (1986) recorded inside the Houston Astrodome with the players (including the late Jim Pomeroy) placed on various bases
while performing with tiny hand held instruments like the plinky and
amplified drinking straw; "Old Friends with Pitch to MIDI" (1994) recorded in New York as a trio with Tom Hamilton on synthesizer, Bertrand Moon on guitar and Lerman on amplified bicycle, a plinky, a soda straw, amplified tuning forks, plastic cups transduced through harpsichord wire and other object; and "Changing States 6" (1997) which is a duet for percussionist and suspended and amplified metal microphones caused to sound by heating them with a small jeweler's propane torch. Richard Lerman has been active in music since the 1960's and yet only having two previous releases: "Travelon Gamelon" LP on Folkways and "Within Earreach" CD on Artifact Recordings (both sold out from the labels). His work has also been featured on such notable anthologies as "Echo. Images of Sound II" on Het Apollohuis and the book and CD package "Site of Sound: Of Architecture and The Ear". He regularly performs and does installations in the United States and Europe and recently had a selection of his Super 8 films show at MOMA in New York. Richard Lerman currently teaches at ASU in Phoenix, Arizona. "Essential listening for lovers of granular metallic music and spacious twittering." [The Wire]