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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: A Bruit Secret 04
Release Year: 2001
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Wieder ein stark konzeptgeladenes Werk vom kalifornischen Klangknstler: Auf Techne sind alle Stcke entstanden als Ergebnis von Krpern, die sich in direkten Kontakt mit architektonischen Rumen begeben... das akustische Ergebnis klingt wie eine fremde Sprache aus konkreten, sich schnell verndernden, collagenhaft verfremdeten Sounds, soft und zart.

..Through his use of contact mikes, the human body turns into a complex sound source, and the space where the action takes place becomes a musical instrument by itself. Brandon LaBelle builds his sound performance to reflect the site and the objects he finds there, found-art seen as a highly conceptual reasoning as well as a play in improvisation. The music of Brandon LaBelle reveals the social context in which it exists, or more precisely, it's the context itself that is designated as a musical event, through the displacement of the concept of authorship on an active social space. 'Techn' presents itself like the trace of a process where the physical body interacts with architecture via micro contacts. The technology is the interface of this contact built both on desire and the architectural constraint of the place (and its subconscious). A recording of situationist poetry where the politics project gives its shape to the musical project, a radical noise. (Traduction : Pascal Rivoire)" - label description.