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KRAKEN - Amore

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Spectre Records S17
Release Year: 2005
Note: digipack
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €16.00

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Nach FÖRLISA ein Doppelalbum des belgischen Duos, die wieder die dunkle Seite der Musik und des Lebens an sich ausloten, dabei aber zwei sehr gegensätzliche CDs vorlegen... auf der einen klingt das sehr minimal & elektronisch mit dunklen Flächen & hallenden Industrieanlagengeräuschen, wo später medizinische-kalte Spracheingaben auftauchen und die Spannungskurve allmählich geschickt nach oben wandert; auf der anderen gibt es mehr field recordings, strange Sprachbearbeitungen und Einspielungen und dunke Pulsationen & Beats & Bläser-Echos, die sich mit dunklen Klangmassen verbinden.....äusserst sorgfältig wurden hier Sounds ausgesucht und Stücke zusammengesetzt.... dark ambient der explorativen Sorte !
"...Amore" is a recording full of contrasts. The first CD requires an active attention span to fully appreciate the artistry involved. Although steeped in black ambience and drones the occasional slight experimental feel could be off putting for lesser souls. Whilst the second CD is more easily accessible to those into the darker side of music and life. All in all though the release is deceptively awe inspiring and is different enough to be a viable purchase for ambient / drone collectors.” [AuralPressure]
“With almost two hours of deeply absorbing soundscapes, latest album by Belgian project Kraken delivers an experience of abstraction similar to the aforementioned experience at the movie theatre. The album titled "Amore" first of all operates in the spheres of dark ambient built on low frequency drones, deep rumbling horns and mixtures of concrete and artificial sounds. The music is subtle and dreamy thanks to the drones of hypnotism and the distantly echoed voices as well as a clever use of field recordings. Even with the occurrence of the great amount of samples from real life accompanying you as you float through the tunnels of eerie ambientscapes the atmosphere on the album first of all delivers a sense of isolationism. Imagine the impression of being conscious enough to sense the dialogues of the surgical team as you lay on the operating table: The voices surround you, but they sound distant and you are not part of the dialogue. First CD has been divided into five works of art meanwhile second disc only consists of two tracks: Where the first track runs approx. 70 minutes, the closing track with its short duration of 49 seconds, first of all functions as a transformation between the sonic darkness of "Amore" and the outside world. Built on beautifully processed harpsichords the track, titled "de hoorn in je hoed", lightens up the atmosphere before the listener soon once again will have to face the real world. Despite the title there is absolutely no sign of romanticism on this remarkable exploration into the dark lands of Kraken.” [NMP / Vital Weekly]