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JOAQUIM, VITOR - La Strada is on Fire (And We Are All Naked)

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Cronica 004
Release Year: 2003
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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Elektroakustisch anmutende Stimm- & Gesangexperimente, schne schwungvolle Loops, Knistern und Piano-tunes; in magischer, leicht melancholisierter Atmosphre, inkl. Saxophon und Bass real-time Integrierung, 8 Stcke, jedes aussergewhnlich und gut!
Another very good album from this portugesian composer, combining electro-acoustic voice-experiments with loops, more concrete sounds and real time saxophone & bass-sounds.

Vitor Joaquim: piano, electronics, singer table
Martin Archer: saxophone on 3 & 4
(processed by Chris Bywater + Charlie Collins)
Rodrigo Amado: saxophone on 5 & 7
Victor Coimbra: bass on 4 & 5
Mariana F: voice on 1
Vitor Joaquim started performing improvised music in 1982 with Emdio Buchinho. For some years he studied cinema and produced sound for cinema, video and advertising, while also working as a video director.
He first started composing for dance at the Lisbon Dance Company (CDL) with the choreographer Mark Haim that would later take his work to the Coogan Dancers of Munich. Since then Vitor Joaquim has been composing for dance, theater, cinema, video, installations and multimedia, having worked with such creators as: Andreas Stocklein, Mnica Calle, Mark Haim, Vera Mantero, Paulo Ribeiro, Maria Joo Pires, lvaro Correia, Luis Fonseca, Alfredo Kraus, Michie Nakamaru, Gerard Uginet, Vitor Garcia, Snia Rocha, Keith Vyse, Ana Sendas, Joana Novaes, Sandro Aguilar, Stephanie Tiersch - Mouvoir and Rui Horta. Since 1990 he is teaching audiovisual techniques in Lisbon.
In 1997 his release Tales From Chaos, as Free Field, is considered by the Portuguese newspaper Pblico as one of the 10 fundamental records of Portuguese electronic music.
In 1998 he becomes a member of the Electronic Music Foundation, by invitation of it's president, Joel Chabade.
In 2000 he produced the first EME - Experimental Music Encounters, in Setbal, a festival dedicated to the new musical languages.
Live or recorded he collaborated with such musicians or collectives as Carlos Zngaro, Nuno Rebelo, Rodrigo Amado, Carlos Santos, Emdio Buchinho, Ernesto Rodrigues, Jose Oliveira, Jeffrey Morgan, Marco Franco, Gregg Moore, @c , Ulrich Mitzlaff, Pedro Rebelo, Franziska Schroeder, Paolo Angeli, Martin Archer, Sergi Jord, Harald Sack Ziegler, Miguel Carvalhais, Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) and Pure. [label info]