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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Intransitive Reordings INT022
Release Year: 2002
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Zwei der besten Experimental-Droner & field recorder aus den Staaten in Zusammenarbeit, hier der zweite Teil nach STRIA (Erewohn), in dem es vor allen Dingen um Resonanzen und natrlichen Vibrationen von Klang-Objekten geht.. entstanden sind drei ruhige akustische Gemlde mit dronigem Unterbau, in denen es von konkreten, aber immer sensitiv eingesetzen, schwingenden Details nur so wimmelt.. fantastisch !!
Second part of a collaboration of these two of the best American experimental-drone composers, focused on resonances and natural vibrations of sound-objects.. created were three great acoustic paintings with a droning foundation with lots of interesting concrete & waving details that are always sensitively used.. fantastic !!

"In 1998, American composers John Grzinich and Seth Nehil initiated a process of recording and experimentation that would result in a pair of full-length CDs. The seed of the project originated in Austin, Texas with acoustic recordings of found objects played by large groups. By the end, it had expanded into a three-year, transcontinental exchange of intensive interaction, questioning and dialogue. These works further the artists' interest in physical materials and natural acoustics which are consequently composed into imbedded, altered and engaging structures. Taking form with the integrity of a living organism, these pieces invite the listener to find his way through the reticulated and stratified development of a subtly unfolding, organic sound-body. The first part of this project, "Stria", was published by the Erewhom label (Belgium) earlier this year. Intransitive is now proud to present part two, "Confluence". [press release]

label-website: www.intransitiverecordings.com