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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Bottrop-Boy B-BOY 017
Release Year: 2003
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Jazzkammer are Lasse Marhaug and John Hegre from Norway. Together they have been making music as Jazzkammer since 1998. Past releases include Timex, Rolex (a remix album), Pancakes and a live album with Merzbow. Jazzkammer are relentless sound explorers with no set style or specific 'sound' -- they move swiftly from hardcore overload electronics and sonic freakouts to lowercase soundscapes and location recordings. Once described as 'sonic architects', Marhaug and Hegre insist they are merely trying to make 'good music'. Pulse was recorded in Singapore during the SARS-crisis in april of 2003. It was inspired by a theatre piece of the same title that they were working on at the same time, though the music on the CD does not resemble that of the play. The album Pulse is a single beautiful 32-minute piece; its basic structure is a drifting electronic drone that slowly unfolds and mutates, with subtle layers of location recordings and vinyl-static adding color and depth. Like last year's Pancakes, Pulse has a cinematic feel to it, a feeling that is further enhanced by the photos of acclaimed photographer Yuen Chee Wai that grace the cover and 12-page booklet." [press release]