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IRM / SKIN AREA - Purple Screen // Red Eruption / Red Discharge

Format: 10"
Label & Cat.Number: Segerhuva seger 5
Release Year: 2003
Note: 500 copies
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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Harsh Noise with a sometimes jazzy (yes!) feel to it from SKIN AREA, who use also drums and bass and voice, in fact they begin with harsh noises and end up in an improvisation. Very strange and beyond good and evil. IRM create one long dark piece interesting soundwalls... new swedish noise on a new swedish label !

У Two of Sweden's finest bands share this slab of vinyl. Skin Area delivers a 14-minute track that begs you to push the volumes louder and louder until your brain becomes one with the raging hardcore noises they produce. You'll wish there were drugs as hard and vicious as these sounds, but I'm afraid western science hasn't come that far yet... Skin Area's versatility might shock (and offend) some listeners who are unprepared to blow their minds on a regular basis.
IRM makes full use of the 10" format with what could very well be their finest moment yet -- a 12 min epic that expertly combines menacing electronics and more traditional sounds (this should be among the top-five of any best-power-electronics-with-glockenspiel list ever compiled). Since none of you are regular church-goers, why not make it your Sunday ritual to blast the neighborhood with this 10"? You will be rewarded.Ф [label info]