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HAIL - Hello Debris

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: ReR Megacorp ReR H3
Release Year: 2006
Note: amazing album from the project of BOB DRAKE and SUSANNE LEWIS, her voice may be known from the great CORPSES AS BEDMATES album
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Nach ber 10 Jahren Pause ein neues Album des Projekts von SUSANNE LEWIS und BOB DRAKE, die durch CORPSES AS BEDMATES, 5UUs und THINKING PLAGUE bekannt wurden.. das ist zeitgemsser "intelligenter Progressive-Pop" mit vielen schrgen Einfllen, berraschenden Wendungen, einer ganz eigenen Harmonie...

"After a break of almost 15 years Susanne Lewis and Bob Drake have reconvened their classic partnership. In the meantime rock and post rock has mainly moved away from the song and its classic shapes, leaving commercial pop to straighten them out and endlessly repeat the same tropes and tricks. Hail is rare amongst bands in its adherence to the notion that what makes a song interesting is the application of imagination and skill to its arrangement, performance and recording. The plan is not to drag songs away into other domains by grafting on bits of jazz, classical or electronic vocabulary, but to make them more what they are; to concentrate and distill them. Susanne Lewis's voice is extremely personal, never generic, Bob Drake's signature rhythm section work always exemplary. The songs are real rather than clever, and the production constantly invents contrapuntal detail and colour. This is a virtuosic album that never shows off. For those who wish there were more good songs on the experimental side of transfigured pop." [press release]

"....Hello Debris' consists of 18 short tracks of twisted, oddly-charming prog-like rock music with a punkish edge. Songs often start off in one direction and soon mutate into something completely different. "Celestial Heartbreak" opens with majestic keyboards yet soon features some baroque harpsichord-like keyboard. The booklet includes the strange lyrics of many of the tracks, yet the vocals are often buried deep in the mix or are not even there at times. What's interesting is that some of these tunes are sewn together from disparate parts, but they somehow fit together like an intricate psychedelic jigsaw puzzle. I wonder how a more mainstream rock listener would view these quirky pieces... intrigued, mystified or perhaps even confused? I find these short ditties to be buried treasures waiting to be discovered those with curious tastes." [Downtown Music Gallery]