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CYCLOTIMIA - Metamorphosis

Format: 10
Label & Cat.Number: Ewers Tonkunst HHE 005V
Release Year: 2002
Note: lim. 300
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.50

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Music for the lost! Elegische Synth-Wellen voller Schwermut und Pathos, Piano-Tupfer, Chorle im Hintergrund, getragene E-Beats... schon die zweite 10 fr das Moskauer Projekt, die hier eine sehr traurig-sehnschtige, aber herbstlich-warme Stimmung verbreiten... erinnert an alte CONTROLLED BLEEDING, RAISON DETRE, REUTOFF.
New release of the Moscow project widely known today for its recent StateArt CD release "Wasteland". This 6-track release continues in the same vein as the above full-length album, but it's less rhythmic and more deep and meditative, being maybe the most dark and melancholic Cyclotimia release to date. Analogue electronic layers submerge listener to an atmosphere of uneasy hallucinatory reverie. Subtle clear sound and sad melodies unite to create the unique mix of cold psychodelia and soulful grief. The release is limited to 300 copies and comes printed silver on black deluxe paper.