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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Kokelo / Prele prl001
Release Year: 2005
Note: cardboad cover. collab. of ANLA COURTIS (ex REYNOLS) and KOUHEI !
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Die argentinisch-japanische Zusammenarbeit vom ex-REYNOLS-Mann und KOUHEI beschert uns 9 drone-basierte Stcke, vom hyper-tiefen Kontemplativ-Drone bis hin zu komplexen, eher experimentellen Konkret-Material-Drones mit vielen Details. Low-fi, organisch, rauh und mit gengend akustischer Schubkraft und Bizarrheit um immer wieder aufs neue zu berraschen... inkl. einem crazed-out track mit RUDOLF EB.ER.

9 tracks of solos, remixes, telepathy collaboration and real collaborations. 62min58sec landscape of flying drones, electronics, guitar, unidentified objects, uncertain clarinet, voice, distanced meeting and the memories of co-habitation. Intervention of RudolfEb.er for 8th track [label info]
The disc contains nine tracks of widely varying lengths and collaboration methods. To name a couple: remix of the other's material, telepathic collaboration and real collaboration. Most tracks are of a certain ambient nature, but with enough things going on to definitely go beyond that (strange cuts, sudden outbursts of seemingly random noise, etc.). The overall quality is pretty lo-fi, which is very good, because it is combined with very typical computer sounds. This works very well and adds a warm quality to the sound. For me the most interesting piece is actually the longest one: the telepathic collaboration. Somehow Courtis and Matsunaga seem very well in tune and have created a very good track with so many kilometers between them. Somehow this track is almost a condensation of the whole CD. It will be interesting to see what the Prele label has to offer in the future. [MR / Vital Weekly]