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COELACANTH & KEITH EVANS - Wrack Light in Copper Ruin

Format: CD & DVD
Label & Cat.Number: Seal Pool SPOOL 3
Release Year: 2006
Note: back in stock , the fourth album by the former project of JIM HAYNES & LOREN CHASSE, this time in collaboration with film-maker KEITH EVANS whose works are feat. on the DVD; the higly abstract audio consists of mysterious yet somehow 'concrete' materialized ambience, asound-net made from frictioned objects, field recordings, glass-drone feedbacks, granular surfaces, everything seems to flicker and flutter permanently, so close to the matter but opening unknnown spaces at the same time.. we love it!!
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Audio CD von COELACANTH, Video-DVD von KEITH EVANS. Ein Geruschnetz aus field recordings, leicht feedbackenden drones, vereinzelten instrumentellen Sounds & eher konkreten Objekt-Klngen macht sich breit, welches mysteris und dynamisch zugleich wirkt, ein low-fi drhnend-wallendes Etwas. Sowas wie pfeifende Windhosen, zischender Sand, rieselndes Granulargeknirsche...schwer zu fassen, alles scheint permanent zu flackern, flirren, schwanken, dicht dran am konkreten Material, & doch so sphrisch & Rume ffnend.

Jim Haynes and Loren Chasse have collaborated with Keith Evans to create Coelacanth's fourth and most complex record. Culled from two
performances -- a five-hour recording session during Matmos's 96 hours of performances at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and an
audio/visual performance with Keith Evans -- Wrack Light in Copper Ruin explores the the symbiosis of materiality and sound, and its
infinite network of metaphors and allegories.
Like an abandoned aquarium in which an accidental and incongruous microcosm takes shape, Coelacanth's sound illustrates a constant evolution of decay, encroachment, and repossession of the border space between the natural and the man-made.
With Wrack Light in Copper Ruin, Coelacanth also meditates on the space of performance, the tactile nature of the creation of sound,
and its ephemeral, elusive and entirely subjective character. The visuals of Keith Evans further the exploration with their organic, nocturnal, energy. Comparatively, Wrack Light is more delicate than Coelacanth's previous recordings, inhabiting a space where artists such as Jonathan Coleclough, Andrew Chalk, Mirror, and MNortham can be found, yet it maintains the mysterious, oceanic nature its name implies. [label info]