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CHAOS AS SHELTER - Dawn Syndrome

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Tophet Prophet TP005
Release Year: 2005
Note: "oriental / eastern dark ambience" at its best, mystic drones from Israel !
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TOPHET PROPHET is maybe the only real dark ambient / industrial-label in Israel at this time. This new CHAOS AS SHELTER-release spreads on 9 tracks lots of very clear metal / bell / glass sounds & drones, eastern/oriental ethnic found sounds and melancholic melodies, wonderful vocals from VERA AGNIVOLOK on one piece, conrete recordings from broken glass, etc... and the epic drones CAS is known for... A high-class release and also perfect introduction into the mystic-drone world of CHAOS AS SHELTER ! [Drone Rec. info 2006]

After releasing over 18 releases since 1999, Chaos As Shelter needs no further introductions. His latest work, dawn syndrome, was recorded in 2001 and is dedicated to the end of Kali Yuge, the age of iron, which is the final and most negative of four evolutionary Yugic cycles, the end of the world, and the dawn of a new golden age - Sataya Yuga (the age of purity). Dawn Syndrome is an eight-track composition of ritual dark ambient crafted in the skillful way Chaos as Shelter is known for. The usage of organic and artificial sound sources which has been his trademark. It is a hymn of submersion and rebirth, of confusion, ambiguity and enigma, of the darkest moment before sunrise.
Dawn Syndrome was recorded at new Jerusalem studios and Chaos As Shelter was supported by Vera Agnivolok , Helena Dorsht and an accidentally obtained presto home recorded vinyl disc. [label info]