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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: List L4
Release Year: 2003
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Minimal drones, high frequenced & soft, superminimal & dense, a bit unsettling, done with guitar feedbacks, sinewaves, piano, bassclarinett...very interesting and moody minimal music..

Herv Boghossian, who also records under the name Sol, here presents a trio of pieces under his own name, focusing on minimal drones and carefully composed music that is, characteristically, quiet and reflective. At first, the music seems to be exploring the harmonic combinations and tensions of sine waves, although interacting with these sine waves are other instruments: guitar feedback and two bass clarinets (the clarinets are performed by Matthieu Saladin and Ivan Solano). The combinations carry with them an austere quality, a muted tension; not always the stuff of calm, easy ambience, but pushing things in a slightly uneasy, tense direction. The second piece, too, speaks of this quiet tension, here working exclusively with sine waves, and focusing on the lower end of the frequency scale. It is with the third piece that things
seem to converge with quiet wonder. Joining the subtle bed of electronic textures are the two bass clarinets and guitar, as before, but also a beautiful section for solo piano, performed by David Grubbs. This slow movement is simply something that must be heard; it will stop all motion in the room, it will even hold your breathing nearly to a point of standstill. Taken together, these three pieces, each with its own unique, arresting presence, makes for a truly compelling new release, an excellent addition to List's growing catalogue. [Richard di Santo / Incursion ]