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BEHRENS, MARC - Architectural Commentaries

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: CMR -2
Release Year: 2002
Note: cardboard cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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Architektonischer Noise? Aurale Geometrie? MARC BEHRENS versieht sein Cover mit Fotos von dreidimensionalen Gebilden & Gebuden und scheint auch soundmig neuartige Rume ausloten zu wollen. Hermetischer Minimal-Ambient zwischen Gerusch, Drone und dem Nichts, verffentlicht auf dem inzwischen von 20CITY in CMR unbenannten ESO STEEL Label aus Neuseeland. Etwas fr spitze Ohren.

German composer and sound artist Marc Behrens has put forth a beautiful installment of sound work for CMR's second CD release, entitled Architectural Commentaries. Marc has been working with sound (in one form or another) since 1986 and is probably most recognised for his digitally re-worked field material and composition. With a long history of installation work and live performance, he has exhibited alone and in group exhibitions; and performed live internationally in locations such as Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, and the UK. He has completed tours with fellow sound artists Francisco Lopez, Bernhard Gunter and John Duncan and has had notable CD releases on Gunter's label Trente Oiseaux (Germany), Digital Narcis (Japan), Raster Music (Germany) and Intransitive Recordings (USA).
Architectural Commentaries is comprised of five tracks. The first three pieces, entitled 'Architectural Commentaries 1-3', are some of Marc's most recent compositions arranged in 2001 using basic material recorded from 1990-2000 in various global locations. Taking title, sleeve images and sound together we are left with new audible environments for architectural structures; jets of forced air and amplified nothing, distant machinery and tiny bites of frequency, faded and cut together to create beautifully atmospheric soundscapes. Track 4 was previously released on RLW's 'Tulpas' 5 CD set (Selektion 024) and was constructed using source material from Ralf Wehowsky. Track 5 was composed in 1992 as a soundtrack to accompany the video Der Raum by Torsten Grosch - stills of which feature on the CD sleeve. The album permits a smooth flow between Marc's earlier and more recent work and shows the artists' continuing exploration into the depth and dimensions of sound recording. [press release]