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BAYLE, FRANCOIS - La forme du temps est un cercle

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Magison M275862 (cycle Bayle vol. 15)
Release Year: 2001
Note: digipack double, with booklet
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Neues Werk ber Naturrhythmen und mythischen Bezug zum Kampf zwischen CHRONOS und AION, wie immer in eine eindrucks- und ausdrucksvolle musikalisch-experimentelle Sprache verpackt..

Vol. 15. of INA's complete Franoise Bayle series, featuring the 60-minute title piece (from 1999/2001). "Nature -- that reservoir of organisms and temporal forms -- proposes many patterns to our rhythmic imagination breathing, pulses, ebb and flow, a day's circle or the passage of seasons... My project, the idea behind this work, is to arouse the desire or pleasure of listening by presenting rather temporal perceptions based on their images, figures, impetus and vividness. Several 'moments' therefore that such entities traverse shall attempt to demonstrate special aspects of time's 'grain,' in order to prolong its emotional potential. Here then, are some of time's such figures at work. There is the one that hurries then flees, - the one that pounds and hammers, - that breaks the wave, - that moves backwards and does an about- face, - that splashes into a shower, - that trickles like rain, - that flows, while dripping off, - that slowly forms a bead, - that spurts out in jolts, - that gyrates in a whirl, - that evaporates... Variations from 'knocks' to 'traces,' from a heavy pulse to melody, from a tolling bell and its mysterious concurring powers to the furrows of clouds of dust and orbits circulating at various speeds, not to mention the various 'paces' of the pulse itself. At the end of the five stages, the listener will have completed a trajectory, one of temporal unity beginning from the finest 'grain' and progressively focusing his/her perception in order to discern and identify images and forms. Colors' transience, speeding figures will be resolved in a spiral (the three-dimensional form of a circle), by which the initial sound-image (tolling bells) will infinitely evolve into the final sound-image: that of summer crickets during a night of suspended, dream-like time." -- Bayle