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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Audiosphere AS06
Release Year: 2003
Note: in super jewel box
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.50

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Ungewhnliche Kollaboration, aufgenommen an einem Tag in Sidney, 23.July 2002: dunkel-pulsierend hmmernde Soundflchen und sich dramatisch entwickelnde elektronische konkret-Klnge machen dies zu einer spannenden Hrerfahrung!

Take three Swiss tourists. Feed them top notch Sydney rock oysters, fine Hunter Valley wines and get them into a recording studio with Oren Ambarchi. That was the challenge. This is the record. If Ambarchi, Mller and the Crack have one thing in common (beyond gastronomic excess), it is their ability to get extraordinary sounds out of everyday objects. This one day recording session at Big Jesus Burger in Sydney highlights the mutual approach they share.There's such cohesion, wholeness and single mindedness to these pieces that makes identification of the individuals involved virtually impossible. So forget the 'Who's Doing
What?' game. Close your eyes and play 'Where The Hell Am I?' ... rainforest, glacier, casino, ship's hull, bowling alley or five star restaurant? [label description]

"Clustered, pacing, stomping. The mechanics of this latest collaboration by Ambarchi, Muller and Voice Crack manipulates resonance and miniscule particles like they are playing a game with sensors that bark and bite back. The ominous nature of 'Walking Oysters' uses plotted stepping which designs the frame for the kinetics lurking inside. Over these forty+ minutes these gentlemen incorporate electronics, strings and percussion to mold something freely derived from bare open circuits and other happy mistakes. A
vernacular is built on 'Briefing Oysters' that forms slowly and largely into a vibrating dissonance - but be careful - these
authoritative sounds are so ecstatic that they literally knocked my bass woofer off the shelf (that was a first). If you play this on
headphones it is sure to be a significant mind rush. After the tremendous pinnacle the piece is treated to the equivalent of a breathing tube, charted by timed intervals inhalations (or percussive metering). Starting as a static-laden drone 'Grounding Oysters'
relies on the residues of quiet and bass thumping play between channels. Like moving lumber and bark that is electrified, the
organic quality to this track is just stunning. Not satisfied to simply use the formidable sine wave with subtle manipulation - 'Oystered' totally experiments with every aspect of frequency and sample. There are parts that test your ear drum, giving the listener a physical, sensory experience. This is active listening."
[TJN, Vital Weekly]