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ALIO DIE - Under an holy Ritual

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Small Voices SVV004
Release Year: 2006
Note: re-release of early CD from 1992 / ed. of 600
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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Wiederverffentlichung der ersten ALIO DIE-CD von 1992 in einer schnen Vinyl-Edition !!

"First time on vinyl this amazing Alio Die masterpiece..., a milestone of ritual ambient music!!! "Under an Holy Ritual" was his first CD, released on his label Hic Sunt Leones in 1992 and re-released on Projekt in 1993, was received with international acclaim.
"Natural and acoustic sounds and selected noises, electronically treated and reworked, are integrated in a meditative and spiritual context that often, in the feeling, becomes close to a prayer. Visible static, this music is rich of hidden sounds, layers of elements to discover at each listening. Alio Die's music, in the consciousness space that creates, it's a melting of technology and mysticism, like a new ritual with echoes of a medieval time, deep and grounded in introspection."
Ghostly incantations from the void, subtly shifting frequencies and moods... Stefano Musso has menaged to resurrect unsettling sounds from a pre-Middle Ages epoch and merge them into a pastiche of gripping, evocative pastures. One might be prone to labelling Alio Die as quasi-active ambient music, but that has become a word so bandied around these days that in this case the meaning far from concise. Alio Die presents in his first seminal work, his personal interpretation of atmospherical music...
Stefano Musso studied art and electronics in his home town of Milan, Italy, and began performing ambient, electro-acoustic music under the name Alio Die in 1989. Characterized by evocative acoustic sounds manipulated and tendered electronically, Alio Die's work builds intimate soundscapes tied to the mystery and majesty of life and nature. His first CD "Under an Holy Ritual", released on his label Hic Sunt Leones in 1992 and re-released on Projekt in 1993, was received with international acclaim. He subsequently released more than 25 CDs, and collaborated with many well-known artists such as Robert Rich, Vidna Obmana, Mathias Grassow, Nick Parkin, Yannick Dauby, Amelia Cuni, Raffaele Serra, Ora, Antonio Testa. [label info]

Multi-layered sonic densities that can evoke the air of ancient storms one minute, then ebb like an immense black ocean the next. This knows how to alter moods with both thick electronic pulses and prehistoric scrapes of mysterious percussions. Cerebral, spooky, and thought provoking meditative/ambient music that harkens from a ritualistic viewpoint." [I/E Magazine]