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ALIO DIE - Sol Niger

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Hic Sunt Leones HSL 021
Release Year: 2004
Note: nebulous drone-oceans based on flute-sounds, guitar- & zither-drops, soft percussion, radio-sounds & field recordings... back in stock
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Sehr nebliges neues Material, eine einzige Verschmelzung aus dumpfen Flten, sich auflsenden einzelnen Gitarren & Zither-Tupfern, sanft auftauchender Perkussion & Naturaufnahmen, sowie Shortwave-Radioklngen, in einem Ozean aus Hall & bedchtiger Vibration..... erinnert eher an alte ALIO DIE aus der Frhphase, aber ohne die typischen Loops... strahlt eine erhabenene Dunkelheit aus...

This new cd contains unrealized material recorded by Alio Die in the year 2001, mostly around the time of the winter solstice. The tracks are characterized from the editing of old recordings produced in Milan in 1990, with Massimo Ladarola plays guitar and effects.
The recordings were integrated with radionoise from an old Valvular Model. Some new sounds of flutes and percussions were added from Gianfranco Cualbu.
The recordings were completed with a new tracks displays zither, muezzin voices from the shirt wave space and field recordings made by Alio Die in Notre Dame, Paris Sept 2002.
The sound atmosphere of this release is close in some way of the really first CDs by Alio Die, with a light electronic taste, in the feeling of the dark that pass before a new dawn. SOL NIGER CD is finally out and is ready to be spread around..
You can find more information about titles and look the seed-cover on: http://www.aliodie.com ~ at discography section [label info]