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ALIO DIE - Khen introduce Silence

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Hic Sunt Leones HSL 025
Release Year: 2003
Note: contemplative drones using sounds arising from the KHEN, a kind of mouth-organ from Thailand; back in stock
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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ALIO DIE benutzt diesmal Sounds des aus Thailand stammendenden Instruments KHEN fr seine erhabene Illuminations-Drone-Muzak, sowie auch viele field-recordings aus Thailand und Italien, die in den trancig-meditativen Klangkrper eingewebt werden...

Taking basic improvisations only from sounds produced by Khen (mouth-organ from Thailand/Laos) and processed by different controls like filters, pan and multi-effects, Stefano Musso looks for a vibrational enviroment that is like a special point of view, where time changes his meaning and sometimes becomes absolutely relative, finding a place for contemplation, like being in the clouds and breathing with the sound of the spheres. Observe the circular harmony of seasons in his never ending flow, it speaks like old poetry that is familiar to the soul. Stefano Musso plays: khen, drones and loops, enviromental recordings taken in Thailand and in Lunigiana/Italy. Percussion on track 5 by Ginfranco Cualbu. Thanks to for enviromental sounds to Francesco Paladino (recorded in Katmandu,Nepal) on track 2 and by Teo Zini/Opium (recorded in Topolo',Italy) on track 3. [label description]