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AEMAE - The Helical Word

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Isounderscore [ISO_02]
Release Year: 2005
Note: black cardboard / art print gatefold-cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Neues "experimental drone"-Projekt aus den USA mit hyper-abstrakten Klngen, metallisch-feedbackend & von halluzinogenem Flair..

"....Throughout the music is quite dark, but not atmospherical in the traditional dark ambient sense. As such his own description is quite appropriate. Not too noisy, not too academic or even too experimental, but Aemae treats a fine line between well defined genres and creates something that is indeed his own and that is these days quite an achievement." [FdW / Vital Weekly]

"...a gorgeous and exquisitely crafted abstract free noise drone record. dark and deliriously dense, a perfect amalgamation of the experimental dronework of the hafler trio, the sweeping skreescapes of sunrooof! and vibracathedral orchestra and the abstract minimalism of mirror or jonathan coleclough. as well, this has plenty of distinctly unique sonic elements. heavily reverbed chimes and bells are smeared into a twinkling fog, slowly thickening into a dense slab of electrical impulses, woven together so tightly it resembles a buzzing ball of hornets, a throbbing thrumming drone. strange steel drum like electronic pulses, an alien gamelan, pickes out a tranquil melody beneath swooping and blooping spaciness, sheets of industrial shuffle, scrape and rumble, leaving sparkling trails of dense and complex almost idm skitter in their wake, albeit wrapped in thick gauzy veils of warm reverberant flutter. all stretched into distant, soft focus soundscapes of warbling whir and creaking ambience. quite lovely and sublime!" [Aquarius Records]
"brandon nickell, a 23 year-old navigator of harsh synthetic and electronic seas known as aemae, shows his admirable will to construct new kinds of uneasy architectures. the eight pieces of "the helical word" form a pyrotechnic cycle of cascading incidents, timbral shifts and granular abrasions which move like creatures without a preconceived position in an undetermined system, finally finding a way to transform contraptions and extrapolations into rough elliptical shapes and dehydrated approximations of parallel galaxies. nickell starts everything from "a pure exercise in synthesis"; the mobile force of educated noise and a well planned mix, even in absence of natural sources, make this music live its life in full - no dead spots or dull moments. considering the next-to-nil significance of most of today's electronica, not bad at all." [massimo ricci - touching extremes]