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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Psoma Psi Phi - VII
Release Year: 2018
Note: very rare collaboration of much valued Drone Records artist PETER WRIGHT with US American ultra drone-minimalist BRIAN GRAINGER (from OHIO) => three wonderful longform pieces on a label that states: "Sleep fictions, lucid maps and gnostic states. Asemic systems designed by night smokers, bedroom alchemists and oligolaliacs, for intimate applications" - edition of 35 copies only, US-import !!
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Initially recorded between Summer and Autumn of 2009, then stashed away in the shade for almost nine years, my collaborative full-length album with Peter Wright is now finally issued forth into the universe. A mammoth album of drones, feedback, sub-bass harmonics and psychedelic textures, set across three different pieces, Peint Arbre is a dense and enveloping trip through the tangential and exploratory minds of two men, working almost 8,000 miles apart.

Peter Wright, if you are unaware, is an outright legend of drone music, guitar improvisation and spectacularly filmic textures, having been active in the New Zealand experimental music culture since 1992. I've long been influenced by his recordings, and in 2009 I was lucky enough to host his epic Snow Blind double-album at INSTALL, the now-defunct label I co-operated with David Tagg. We followed Snow Blind with a vinyl release of Wright's transcendent Orbit, and he also guested on my One Bleak Try album, lending many additional layers of sonic seasoning to the track "Black Rust Caress."

Since INSTALL closed its doors years ago, I've wanted to give this unreleased album we did a proper release. Since so much time had passed, Peter decided to revisit the recordings and add/subtract some things to bring it into its present form (so for those few out there who heard this album in its previous iteration, this is a different beast). Peint Arbre is an interesting cross-pollination of my distorted bass monolith drones, generated using guitar and organ in the Rolling Knoll studio, and Peter's contributions of guitars, vocals, percussion and all sorts of other instruments. Indeed, it feels very alive, and that is almost all Peter's doing - I merely provided the initiative steps. So it follows that hopefully another collaboration is due between us, and the door is of course always open for Peter to issue something of his own here at Psma Psi Phi.

W/P by Peter Wright & Brian Grainger. Principal recording done in South Carolina at Rolling Knoll, Summer 2009. Subsequent and final pass recording done in New Zealand, 2009 and 2018. Text and design by ABM&D. This is Psma Psi Phi number ΨΦVII.

Packaged in a clear CPP plastic 120-micron thick sleeve with two hand-cut pastel cardstock inserts, custom hand-affixed text decals and black ink stamping, with an in-house duplicated/printed white CD-R.