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TERRALIENUS - As the Red Giant passes

Format: MC
Label & Cat.Number: Avalanche Organization AVORG 1
Release Year: 2023
Note: first full length release for a project from Vilnius, Lithuania (also active as SKOL and VELEMARA) => a cosmic drone-minimalism ambience expanse of 38+ minutes, very meditative and richly tuned.. *dedicated to the vast cosmos, to its transformations, to the birth and death of a star...a journey that completely wipes out a sense of time.* - numbered ed. of 50 copies
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Avalanche presents its first release. Also, its the first physical release on audio cassette by TERRALIENUS project.

TERRALIENUS has been active in the underground scene for 13 years, made a lot of music and performed live gigs as well. The main and only figure in this project - Saulius B. is very well known from other projects in metal and industrial scenes.

TERRALIENUS music is dedicated to the vast cosmos, to its transformations, to the birth and death of a star. A 39 minutes long journey with As the Red Giant Passes completely wipes out a sense of time. This music is an outstanding background for those hot sticky summer nights when insomnia and heavy thoughts find a way into your head. The whole album is one drone ambient piece and Avalanche unhesitatingly states that its the most interesting project in Lithuania of this cosmic genre music.