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Format: CD
Release Year: 2023
Note: re-issue of the first CD from this short lived industrial project with cult status from former Yugoslavia, the material is live + studio from 1982 - 1984 and has a strong martial / ritualistic edge lim. 200
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"We discovered this incredible multimedial experimental collective from Maribor (Slovenia) on the 84 LP compilation a long time ago. After almost fourty years since these unique artists started their activities, we decided to release their very first CD with all their best recordings.
Little is known about Abbildungen Variet. We know they existed in the years between 1982 and 1984 and that besides their eponymous cassette release (Abbildungen Variet, Galerija KUC Izdaja-Ljubljana, 1983), their contribution with the track Evolucija to the 84 LP compilation (ZKP RTVL-Ljubljana, 1984) and a couple of cassette-demo, there were no other recordings by Abbildungen Variet. Their eponymous cassette release came out in November 1983, in an edition of 230 copies: for the most part, it is a live recording, plus a couple of studio tracks.

Tracks are taken from the "Abbildungen Variet cassette C-40,
recorded in August-September 1983, released in November 1983 in 230 copies by ZKP RTVL LD 0933
Track 03 is taken from the 84 LP compilation, ZKP RTVL LD 0933, 1984

Abbildungen Variet (1983-1984) were:
Marko Ornik, Goran Majcen, Branko Mirt, Igor Zupe, Darko Senekovič alias Leonard Rubins.
Reissue project by Igor Zupe and Final Muzik.
Images taken from a 1983 promotional video (archive kuc-a).

This CD reissue is part of the Final Muzik's Eighties series. Limited edition of 200 copies, in Digi-slim cardboard sleeve.